10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in 2020: A Buyer’s Guide and Review

The world around is constantly changing as the human race is influenced and depended on innovation and technology which surrounds us. The advancement in the information technology segment has helped us to create new technologies that can be incorporated into our daily lives. These gadgets make our lives easier as they act as effective catalysts to fulfill a particular task within a specified time period. Consequently, the use of technology has also transpired into the industrial sector as various companies from different market segments are utilizing the latest tools and techniques to give rise to modern products.

Technology is also being effectively used to elevate the aspect of safety and security in our lives. Products such as the CCTV camera, digital locks, air-bags, etc. are saving the lives of millions of people all around the world. The transportation and automobile companies have also been significantly benefited with the evolution in the mechanics field. Effective products are being launched in the market which not only satisfies safety agenda but also improves communication and navigation.

Such has been the case with Bluetooth helmets which is presently trending in the automobile sector. Bluetooth helmets can be connected with your mobile device as it helps the rider concerned to receive calls, use navigation features, and at the same time offers safety. The technology simplified the overall aspect of navigation as fellow riders can stay connected throughout long bike rides. Following are some Pros and Cons of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets:

Pros and Cons of Bluetooth Helmets

In order to operate a Bluetooth helmet, the rider does not require using his hands.
The helmet can operate without having to be controlled by hand.
This will help the user concerned to focus better on the road ahead. Thus, this eliminates distractions which can cause an accident.

Another benefit of Bluetooth helmets are the overall aspect of communication becomes easier for the rider.
The issues of taking a wrong turn and separating from the group of riders can now be mitigated and controlled with the help of these helmets.

The last advantage of the Bluetooth helmets are that it is equipped with noise cancellation features. Additional features in the form of voice control and talk time are also provided which can help the rider to commute efficiently without any distractions from the external environment.
When compared to conventional helmets, the Bluetooth operated helmets are costlier to purchase.

As additional features are added to these devices, the market value of the same product increases gradually.

The option of listening to music can also be activated with the help of Bluetooth helmets.

However, the entire phenomenon of listening to music while riding can be dangerous, to say the least as it puts the life of the rider and the residents walking on the road at risk.

Features of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

top 10 Bluetooth helmets

Modern-day Bluetooth helmets offer a wide variety of advantages as they are equipped with multiple features. Some of the most distinct features have been highlighted below:

Safety and Design

One of the most essential features which a helmet must possess is related to safety. Top brands that are responsible for manufacturing these Bluetooth helmets make sure that all the devices offer optimum safety throughout. This is the primary objective of purchasing a helmet. Other essential elements that must be satisfied are related to the style and design of the concerned product. The Bluetooth helmets are uniquely designed which will surely satisfy all the fashion needs of the rider. Moreover, they will help to elevate the appearance of the user significantly.


The best Bluetooth controlled helmets can be operated with voice recognition techniques. Eliminating the use of the rider’s hands adds a greater sense of safety within these products. With this feature, the user can freely access navigation, shuffle through music, and communicate with fellow riders with the utmost ease.

Bluetooth Features

Installation of Bluetooth facilities in these helmets allows the user to pair the device with various mobile devices. Therefore, the device must be compatible and must support a wide range of mobile phones. Moreover, connectivity should be maintained with the mobile device within at least 500 feet [if not more]. Additional benefits may include features related to noise cancellation.

10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets of 2020

With the advancement in technology, the level of competition in every market segment has also increased dramatically. Such has also been the case in the automobile sector as companies are competing among one another to gain the trust of the target audience. Therefore, when it comes to purchasing Bluetooth helmets, there are a plethora of brands that look to fulfill this objective.

As a customer, it may prove to be overwhelming to zero-in on a product and make the final decision of purchase. Conducting thorough research about the products available in the market will help you to gain a better understanding of the commodity which you wish to avail. Moreover, the consumer must take various other elements, such as budget, style, and safety into consideration while selecting a specific product. To make things easier for the general public, the following is the list of the top 10 Bluetooth helmets that are presently available in the market.

Bilt Techno Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Bilt is one of the best companies that manufacture Bluetooth helmets. The products manufactured by the company are extremely durable and offer adequate protection to the user as the shell of the helmet is made up of polycarbonate. In terms of style, Bilt helmets can be availed with a classic matte finish which is loved by every hardcore motorcycle rider. Following are some of the most prominent features of this product:

Important Features

  • As already mentioned, Bilt Techno Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is known for its stylish design and safety features. The helmet covers all the necessary standards of safety and can be availed at different sizes as per the taste and preference of the rider.
  • The Bluetooth device installed in Bilt Techno Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet can be paired with various devices making it highly flexible. Therefore, accessing navigation with this helmet also becomes comparatively easier.


  • Amazing built and design with high-quality material used to manufacture this product.It also has a sun Visor and offers great voice quality and brings about clarity in communication.


  • The Noise cancellation features are absent and the product is comparatively expensive when compared to other brands.

Torc T27B Full Face with Blinc Bluetooth

Torc has created a great reputation in the market for manufacturing some of the best helmets that can be availed at affordable rates. Such is also the case with Torc T27B Full Face with Blinc Bluetooth. The helmet is light in terms of weight. Therefore, it provides much-needed relief to the rider concerned especially during summers. Following are some features of Torc T27B Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth:

Important Features

  • The product is equipped with dual visors which can withstand any weather condition. It provides a great quality vision during rain and fog. The vent present in the helmet helps to keep the helmet cool at all times.
  • All Torc T27B Full Face with Blinc Bluetooth can be availed in different colors as each model is created with a distinct design.
  • The helmet is equipped with a Blinc Bluetooth which allows it to be connected with other Blinc Bluetooth users. The helmet also has GPS and Intercom facilities.


  • One the best parts of this helmet is that Bluetooth facilities are not limited to a single device.It also meets the standards of DOT and ECE in terms of safety. The interior padding of the helmet is also washable.


  • The product is lightweight. Thus might not withstand a lot of pressure.

ILM 953 Modular Flip-up Full Face Helmet

Another magnificent helmet designed by ILM which fulfills all the advanced safety needs to perfection. The helmet is made with lightweight material and can be availed at affordable rates. Other features of the helmet have been highlighted below:

Important Features

  • The helmet meets the safety standards as mentioned under DOT and ECE. The product is equipped with 2 visors which offer additional safety features to the eyes. Also, the helmet series has a unique and stylish design that will complement the look of any Motorbiker and also provide adequate safety and security.
  • The Modular helmets has 3 adjustable ventilation sections which make breathing very easy for the rider.


  • The helmet can be utilized in a full-face format or can be flipped up as well.It is also available at affordable pricing points.Over all it is a great option to consider for everyday use as it is durable in nature.


  • There are no anti-fog features available and no additional safety features.

TORC T14b Bluetooth Helmet

TORC is known for its durable and innovative series of helmets. The TORC T14b Bluetooth Helmet is designed for long rides. This helmet is meant to provide sturdiness and it is made from very hardy material. So, if any case you meet with an accident, the helmet will surely protect your head from any injuries. For comfort, this model comes with an inner liner. This inner liner can be removed and washed when it becomes dirty. So, if you are not a fan of inner liner helmets because they get dirty often, then this helmet will surely change your conception of the inner lining.

The helmet also sports Bluetooth feature and inbuilt speakers can be used to listen to music. The Bluetooth control can be used to call, play music or even use it as an intercom.

Important Features

  • This helmet was designed to carter to long rides. This design and the material used to make this helmet makes it heavy but the weight is evenly distributed. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors as well.
  • The Bluetooth system on this helmet includes speakers and a mic. You can use this Bluetooth system to call, listen to music and connect with other riders during a ride. You can also listen to GPS directions.


  • It has a hardy built body with a proper design to balance the weight. It has proper ventilation with inner lining for extra comfort.It is also waterproof.


  • It comes in very less number of colors

BELL Qualifier DLX

BELL has always produced helmets which are a symbol of excellence. This helmet is a bit expensive but you will not regret spending it behind this baby. This helmet comes with a whopping 5-year warranty and many Bluetooth systems can be installed inside this helmet. Since this helmet is compatible with many Bluetooth systems, therefore, the price of the helmet justifies it.

Important Features

  • This helmet has an amazing ventilation system with one vent on the top and the other on the chin Bar.
  • This helmet comes with a photo chromatic shield, making it look a class apart. In this light, the shield will turn dark protecting the eyes from the sunlight. And at night the shield will become clear and transparent, providing a clear view.
  • The design of the helmet is very sporty and it weighs around 1.50 Kg approx. It comes in many sizes as well.
  • The helmet has a pre-installed Bluetooth speaker. If you want to buy a receiver, then you need to buy it separately.


  • The helmet can fit any receiver like Cardo and Sena. It also has a click release function and comes in many colors. It also has a well designed ventilation system.


  • Since this helmet has photo chromic shields, it can be problematic for few. Also, the face shield has no lock

VCAN 210 Bluetooth Helmet

This helmet from VCAN is a simple and yet classy helmet. It comes in a single matt black color with amazing connectivity and proper fitting. The design of the helmet is only to provide safety. Also, this helmet sports a Bluetooth system which is one of the best in the league. This Bluetooth system can be used to make calls, connect via intercom, listen to music, etc. There are 2 speakers which are installed inside the helmet.

Important Features

  • The helmet has a world-class Bluetooth 2.0 system. The battery life of the Bluetooth provides 600 hours of standby time. A rider can talk over the intercom for almost 15 hours. This Bluetooth system also has a built-in GPS feature in it.
  • As we have discussed earlier, VCAN focuses more on safety than the design and features. The visors are very tough and can withstand any type of crash, keeping your Open face Helmet safe from any injury. The visor is also lightweight making it a rider’s favorite.
  • The helmet is mainly designed for safety, therefore, not many variants are available. Only black color is available in matt or flat shade. The helmet also has DOT certification, making it one of the safest helmets in this segment.


  • This helmet has a superb quality Visor. It also sports a top of the league Bluetooth system. It is Lightweight and well balanced


  • The style statement is missing in this helmet.

IV2 VIPER Bluetooth Helmet Model

The IV2 VIPER Bluetooth Helmet is a flip-up type helmet. This helmet can be used for normal biking and snow biking as well. This helmet comes with many certifications and it is considered as one of the safest helmets. The USP of the helmet is that it has 10 vents for ventilation.

Important Features

  • The helmet has 10 air vents to make sure that there is proper ventilation during riding. Also, these vents help in maintaining the temperature inside the helmet.
  • This helmet has certifications from ECE and DOT. It is very durable and has an anti-scratch visor. The inner lining of the helmet can be removed and washed. 
  • The helmet Dual sports a Bluetooth 3.0 system. This system provides better connectivity as compared to 2.0.


  • It has a Bluetooth 3.0 system. It also possesses a removable inner padding and has 10 vents for proper ventilation.


  • The variety of sizes is not available and the anti-fog visors are not preferred by all bikers.

Freedconn Bluetooth Helmet

The Freedconn Bluetooth Helmet sports a stylish dual visor setup. This helmet also has an inbuilt Bluetooth communication system.  You can use this Bluetooth system to listen to music, call or connect to other intercoms as well. This helmet comes in a variety of colors like matte black, red, blue, white, and grey.

Important Features

  • The helmet has 2 vents on top and one near the chin Strap. This ensures proper ventilation during long rides.
  • The helmet has an inbuilt 3.0 Bluetooth system. This Bluetooth system is waterproof, has a GPS voice feature as well. Other features of this Bluetooth include FM, intercom facilities and clarity sound.


  • It is lightweight and can withstand a heavy crash. The helmet also has amazing Bluetooth system.


  • The visor of the helmet fogs up and there is noise problem at high speed.

HAWK H-66 Dual Visor Helmet

The HAWK H-66 Dual Visor Helmet is one of the most advanced helmets which HAWK has ever introduced. This helmet has everything which you need for daily use.

Important Features

  • The helmet comes with a flip-up design and does not have vents. Therefore, you can adjust the flip for ventilation.
  • The Bluetooth system is inbuilt and comes with a receiver and a charger. The Bluetooth system provides high-quality sound and the receiver high receptive ability makes your voice crystal clear while you communicate.
  • This helmet is made from ABS thermoplastic polymer, and this ensures sturdiness. There are various sizes available so it can be worn by anyone. Also, it comes with a clear visor with a quick-release mechanism. The visor is smoke tinted, providing protection against the sun.


  • The helmet has a top of the league Bluetooth system with easy to setup intercom. It also sports a comfortable inner lining and the flip-up mechanism provides better ventilation


  • The visor of the helmet is not fog-resistant and is weight of the helmet is a bit heavy causing problem to few riders.

SCHUBERTH C3 Pro SRC Bluetooth Helmet

This helmet is surely a rider’s choice because of the features and comfort it offers. This helmet has a pre-installed SRC Bluetooth system, making them perfect for long rides. If you want a helmet that will keep you entertained throughout the ride, then this is the perfect one for you.

Important Features

  • This helmet comes with an SRC Bluetooth system, allowing you to connect with 9 other riders. You can listen to music and share your music too with other riders by using A2DP technology. You can also listen to FM and the battery life of this device is simply outstanding. You can talk for 13 hours and the standby time of this system is 7 days.
  • It weighs around 1.8 kg which is heavy as compared to others. But the weight is distributed equally. This helmet is also very durable and is waterproof. The only color which is available for this model is black.
  • With this helmet, you can share your music with other riders and it is easy to use with voice control. The Intercom communication can connect with 9 riders at one go.
  • The helmet is a bit expensive than other helmets.

Here are the top 10 Bluetooth helmets according to us. Read the features, pros, and cons and choose the best one according to your needs and requirement.

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