Are You Searching best perfumes under 1500 in india for ladies/women ?

When you dress up, it is not just how you look that matters. Your fragrance is a major determiner of your overall appeal. Many women spend hours hunting down the scent that they can call their signature without understanding what they should be looking for. Your fragrance has much to do with your persona.

Look for scents that could define you and expresses your essence. Moreover, it is not mandatory that you will find mesmerizing fragrances only with high price tags. We have for you, here, seven splendid perfumes that you could buy for under Rs. 1500.

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7 Best Perfumes Under 1500 In India For Ladies

Revlon Charlie Gold Perfume

best perfumes under 1500 in india for ladies

Revlon is a widely known brand that brings you cosmetics and the likes with the assurance of quality. Among the wide range of products that have made Revlon the face of elegance in cosmetics, a star-runner is the perfume collection. The Revlon Charlie Gold Perfume can be crowned the best of this striking collection.

If you are scrounging for a perfume that comes with backdrop scents of vanilla and caramel scents, the Revlon Charlie Gold Perfume will find you embracing it with all your heart.
Even if you plan to gift it, your wife or your friend will thank you for the lovely tones that bind an autumnal smell.

  • This beautifully scented perfume for women comes in gorgeous bottles.
  • The scent features a tasteful blend of peach, plum, apricot, and citrus with a hint of violet leaves.
  • The best part is the subtle yet enchanting middle tone of jasmine and rose. This will leave you with a flowery aroma that is hard to resist.
  • Backdrop scents of vanilla and caramel scents add a naturally exotic fragrance.
  • If you are looking for a fresh scent that captures the essence of your feminine side, this perfume is the one.


  • Smell like a breath of fresh air
  • Easy to carry


  • This perfume, however, has the downside of not lasting very long.

Avon Scent Essence Blushing Raspberry

best perfumes under 1500 in india for ladies

Avon is renowned for catering to the needs of women who like it subtle and simple. Among the line of products that Avon offers, the perfume range is the most exquisite. This range, while soft on the skin and the pocket, has a beguiling appeal to it with Avon Scent Essence Blushing Raspberry as the handpicked favorite.

The pure scent of this perfume grips many users by surprise with its irresistibly charming undertones.

It is fruity and fun and has a playful vibe that is hard to find but precious. Having come across a gem like this, you will find it extremely hard not to give yourself into its sweet, tropical aroma.

Embrace your flirtatious side with this inexpensive but pleasantly surprising fragrance. A class apart, the refreshing joy of spraying, will put you in a calm and peaceful mood.

  • The essence of a fruity fragrance is epitomized by this perfume that carries tones of raspberry and mango. A basal tone of white wood will leave you wanting more.
  • Packed in small and handy bottles that you can carry in your purse or even a clutch, this perfume will keep you fresh.
  • It has a much loved sweet, tropical aroma.
  • The timeless blend of citrus makes it vibrant, putting it in top picks for sweet and delicate with a hint of lush.


  • Works great for layering or a solo spray
  • The fruity fragrance makes it viable to be paired with a subtle flowery aroma, while the raspberry alone can be pleasant enough.


  • Extremely small quantity.

Skinn Sheer By Titan

best perfumes under 1500 in india for ladies

Designed by the world-famous perfumer, Nathalie Lorson, this perfume by Titan makes for a sincere assurance of richness and sophistication at its best. The very recent expanse of the brand into perfumes shows current knowledge of what the women want in their signature scent.

The sensual blend of cheer and luxury, this perfume captures the soul of enticement. With a hint of mystery conveyed by the basal tones, the top tones are dominant with energizing intensity.

The gorgeous craftsmanship in the making of the perfume is clearly indicated by how perfume is perceived worldwide.

Widely popular for all the right reasons, this perfume shapes the mold of a refined woman. Only rarely would one be able to hold back from the desire to make this a signature scent.
Get a hold of the floral aromas mixed with oriental scents without burning a hole in your pocket. The refreshing fragrance at these prices calls for a celebration!

  • The breezy tones of the fragrance make for a fantastic amalgamation of soft and vibrant.
  • The enchanting tones of jasmine petals and magnolia in the middle are complemented by the basal tones of vanilla and sandal.
  • The first notes are bright, with the secondary notes bringing along a contrasting sensation of delicacy.
  • It is skin-friendly and dermatologically tested.


  • Dermatologically-tested, this perfume is how skin-friendly it is.
  • The compact packaging also makes for a handy bottle.


  • The smell, as per some users, fades away quickly.

United Dreams Live Free For Her

best perfumes under 1500 in india for ladies

Forwarding the cause of freedom for self-expression, self-love, moving beyond the glass ceiling, and aiming high, the United Colours of Benetton brings forward a classy range of perfumes that have won hearts. The collection invites you to be unapologetic about being yourself. The show-stealer is, undoubtedly, the Live Free Perfume for Women.

The United Dreams Live Free perfume inspires you to dream freely, express freely, and be you freely! The elegant fragrance of the perfume stands to shape itself around your character and become your natural scent. Strive for opportunities and express yourself without fear or prejudice with the rejuvenating freshness of this perfume.

The luscious energy that binds the perfume engulfs your self-doubt and proves to be an energizer. It gives you the boost you need to go and get it!

  • The fine tones of this perfume are hard to miss and even harder to resist. The top notes of yuzu, green apple, and tea leaves are flavors of exotic freshness.
  • The top notes are complemented with the heart tones of orange and cardamom.
  • Spicy and quirky, this perfume is a stand-alone scent that needs no layering.
  • The bold scents of musk and cedar give it a deep base note.
  • The striking fragrances are blended for a strong finish, but that does not compromise on the delicate floral olfaction.

For the woman you are and the woman you want to be, this perfume invites you to live your life freely.


  • The product is quite long-lasting.
  • The perfume exhibits a mild fragrance that gives a very soothing effect.


  • It is not found to be unique by some users.

Zara Femme EauDa Parfum

A brand like Zara understands what women of today want. From designer clothing to shoes and now fragrances, all cater to the needs of the modern woman. When looking for a scent to fraternize with, Zara offers you a premium option that could capture your spirit.

While floral tones may be easy to find, the unique and distinctive aroma of the Zara Femme Eau da Parfum for women is one in a million. Discover a mood that switches your persona to a vibrant and intense scent. With a scent like this, you will feel invincible.

Gift the Zara perfume to your loved ones as a token of appreciation and see how they shower you with precious regards.

An excellent pick for women looking for a signature scent that goes with all occasions while also captivating the core of distinctiveness each time you spray it on.

  • The best features of this perfume is the extensive assortment of fruity and woody with a dash of floral for a refined model of femininity.
  • This ”beauty in a bottle” holds the essence of what it is like to be a confident and sensuous woman.
  • The collection offers different colored bottles that are made of unbreakable glass.


  • The perfume is quite versatile. Wear it for any occasion, and this scent will become a part of you.


  • A drawback of this product is that it does not last quite as long as some other perfumes.

Jovan Black Musk Perfume

best perfumes under 1500 in india for ladies

The brand of Jovan Black is one that aligns with what you want and needs. With proof of quality and satisfied customers worldwide, this is the brand that offers you inexpensive options for the best of scents and fragrances that will make you whole. Once tried, this brand will impress you to the extent that you won’t stay away for long. Among its products that fair well with the public, the Musk Perfume for Women has won over many.

The glowing reviews for this perfume flood the internet and for all the right reasons. With a fragrance that intoxicates, it is addictive and will leave you wanting more. It builds up intrigue and mystery that is hard to resist.

  • Mystery in a bottle, Jovan Black Musk Perfume, is the definition of sexy and sensuous. The dark vibe goes a long way to enchant whoever smells it.
  • With a great blend of warmth and delicate floral flavors, this perfume is for women who are not afraid to make a bold statement.
  • Vanilla, sweetened patchouli, pomegranate with hints of creamy musk make this a distinctive smell that will make you memorable.
  • The heart notes of freesia and jasmine blend with the top notes of orange and nectarine like they are meant to.
  • The nondescript floral notes make it more exotic and thrilling.
  • The heavenly flavors work best when the body is heated. So, in summers and humidity, your perspiring body will smell of infused sweetness of exotic fruits and a dash of floral scents.


  • This product is hugely favoured because of its cost-effectiveness. These scents for this price have all the women crushing over the brand.


  • The musk may not fair well with all because of its unique sharpness.

Marks and Spencer Women Aqua Rose

best perfumes under 1500 in india for ladies
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The notion of femininity brought forward by the brand of Marks & Spencer is refreshing and rejuvenating. This is clearly forwarded by the exclusive collection of perfumes that the brand offers. With lush and luxury running in its core, the rich Marks & Spencer Women Aqua Rose Perfume is a winner.

The gorgeous scent looms around like a stroll in nature. The straight and simple features make this perfume a timeless classic for women all around the world. The soft texture of the aroma of the English Rose Tea gives it a “Spring in a Bottle” vibe.

Who doesn’t like lemongrass blended with the rose! Opt for this beguiling scent and layer it with fruity fragrances for a unique blend of lovely.

  • An amazing fragrance that calls for a fruity glow with an exotic zing, this perfume is made for the women of this fast world.
  • The vibrancy of the flavors is blended with the feminine themes of lotus and peony.
  • The basal notes of amber and cedarwood give it an oriental twist.


  • Portrays basic femininity, which makes it appropriate for all women, despite their age.
  • It is mild and soft, elegant in its simplicity.


  • A significant drawback for the product is its un-uniqueness by itself.

Summing Up

With a variety of products like these swarming the markets, why would you ever want to spend a fortune on perfumes? These fragrances prove that price is not always a test of quality.

The beauty of these scents, their essence, and what they portray make them great picks. So, you can quit worrying about having to burn a hole in your pocket for finding a scent that becomes your signature.