Best Hair Dryers For Men 2020

There was a point in time when people believed in sporting long hair. Whether it was a school going las, or a top sportsman, all men wanted to wear long flowing hair like a Rockstar. This was a healthy competition with the women, who had the blessings of Mother nature, and the men proved competitive. This was the time when hairdryers were in high demand. The routine was to wash your long hair and comb it with the dryer blowing away. It did look good.

What goes up, must come down. Ever since the 1990s, a new style emerged with many famous people sporting short hair, and it became a rage. Ment went the military-style, and a crew cut was the order of the day. The scalp was almost exposed in many parts, but now there was no use of the ‘great ‘ Hairdryer. It was there in every household, but there were no new takers. Fashion did die its death then, along with some Technology too. The Tape recorder became smaller and called a walkman, and the long flowing Bell bottoms became narrower.

The good news that the Hairdryer is back! The men have started sporting new hairstyles, that require the use of the dryer. Short, medium or long hair, the Hairdryer does lend a fresh look.

What follows is a complete analysis of the best blow dryers for men, all the information related to them and making the right choice. This passage would also illustrate what to search for and proper usage of the same.

Best Hair Dryers For Men

Four things to be considered before purchasing a hairdryer

The most essential tool in styling one’s hair has to be the Hairdryer. There are other accessories involved, but none as necessary the dryer. The speciality is that you should choose the Hairdryer that is best suited for your hair. Having stated that, the critical point time is that these dryers should not end up damaging your hair or making it look worse, than what it looked like in the beginning. Following are the rules you should be aware of as you start your quest for the best Hairdryer.


The standard rule is that, that if the wattage is high, then the blow of hot air would be that much faster. With that kind f heat blowing, more quickly would be the speed at which your hair will get dryer. It is wise to choose a hairdryer with wattage between 1300 to 1850 W, in case your hair happens to be thick and settle for a lower wattage, say below 1300 W .Now, this does not mean you should choose a cheap hairdryer since quality or brand is an unwritten law while purchasing the dryer bet suited for you.


It is always advisable to go for a light-weight dryer than a heavy one. The one plausible reason is that you have to keep moving the dryer around your head, in different angles and a heavy one would not be too handy, as the elbow and hands may feel the strain.


A Hairdryer may have standard features with the rest, but also exclusive features of its own. There would be many buttons in it which could help com in handy for you. Let us examine such features:

These could be just 3 easily identifiable buttons. The temperature buttons are like the air conditioner, with different switches for temperature. On the dryer, it is High, Medium &Low.

  1. High:

 This will be a high blast of air from the dryer, as it warms up soon enough, and exudes heat onto the hair. The hair becomes dry rapidly, and ideal for people with thick hair or plenty of hair.

2). Medium

 The second button gibes out heat and a steady blast of air, but lesser than High. Ideal for people with an average amount of hair and healthy.

3. Low:

 This is the most moderate heat possible from the dryer and is ideal for people who have thin and lesser hair.

  • Cold air setting:

Every dryer does not have a “cold’ setting. The function here for the dryer here is to throw out cold air, which is much required for ‘setting’ the hairstyle.

Touch cool technology keeps the surface of the dryer and its attachments cool.

  • Diffusers:

This function or feature helps you lift the hair in isolation and form a separate region on the scalp, to make rich its texture. Apart from drying up the hair fast, and reduce the frizz.

  • The Electrical Cord:

The cords which do not tangle amongst itself is the best cord and is called Swivel. It is indeed frustrating to see how these cords get tangled up, without us making much of an effort.

  •  Wall Mount:

This is again, an exclusive feature. They may come with the amount, which means they could be hung in any place. It will be an added advantage if there is a soft lamp in it. The idea is to make you find it easily when you search for it next time.

  • Nozzle

This is an attachment supplied by the manufacturer. The idea is to fit the nose at the mouth of the Hairdryer, and the air will come through the funnel and focus on your hair. It is better to not let the funnel touch your hair.

  • Comb or hair pick attachment:

These are not often seen in the market. There would be an attachment, strapped to the dryer, and it is a comb. These combs are more like roller combs, which would help you in setting up your hair easily when your hair is thick or curly.


The composition of a dryer’s body is essential and may consist of the following materials

The Hairdryer is made up of various parts: Following is the description of the dryer.

  • Ceramic:

This is what one calls ‘an all-weather dryer”. If a dryer’s top coating is made of plastic and coated with Porcelain. It would release heat, that is not at all harsh.

  • Titanium:

This kind of a dryer regulates the heat and air evenly to maintain a steady temperature. But the titanium gets very hot in a short period.

  • Tourmaline:

This is also known as ionic Hairdryer. The Hairdryer sets off negative ions when it blows out, which causes the droplets of water in your hair to dry faster than usual. In case one has thick hair or fuzzy hair, the Tourmaline dryer is the best choice. This is naturally so since Tourmaline is a metal that falls under the category of semi-precious and its property is an action against ions.

These are essential tips to choose the best hair drying tips.

Since we have discussed the characteristic properties of a hairdryer at great length, it is time to turn our attention to the products themselves.

Best Hair Dryer For Men

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson plunged itself into the hairdryer business after gaining much reputation in the vacuum cleaners business. They were great innovators in that line and forerunners. This was the expectation from the market as they invested approximately $70 million when they entered into the hairdryer line.

They named it as the Supersonic hairdryer, attaching the name Dyson to it. Their first objective was to make it look good look-wise. This was a successful move, as it seemed the best in the market.

The second thrust was to make it perform well. This also was well planned, and the product performed better than any other competing Hairdryer.The customers got their money’s worth.

The principle reasons, on why it makes its way into our top 5 list are well justified. Let us see why.

  • It has all the buttons that would regulate the temperature at which you want it.
  • It also regulated the flow of air in an even manner.
  • The top feature in the Dyson Hair product is the Diffuser.
  • They also provide a nozzle, through which the airflow focus is well regulated.
  • They have the ‘Cool’ button, which enables the cooling airflow.
  • The Dyson dryer is a boon to the people with frizzy style hair, and it dries it quickly. The point over here is that it does the job promptly and efficiently as curly hair cannot stand a blast of heat for an extended time.
  • The electrical cord which is attached to the dryer comes with a right length, to facilitate moving around with the dryer. It also helps, if the mirror is far away from the plug point on the wall.
  • The Dyson dryer despite these multiple functions comes in a compact size. This would help us to pack it away neatly in our travelling case.
  • The motor is the heart of the Hairdryer, and it is located in the handle part. Since we grip the handle and use it to dry our hair, the weight is well balanced, and the hand which carries it does not experience any pain.
  • There is a filter in this dryer, which allows for cleaning it periodically.
  • Heat settings of four, airflow settings of three, and a crisp button along with the ionizer says it all.

To justify their faith in the product, the Dyson dryer has a two-year warranty and boxed in professionally.


  • The dynamism of giving out heat, cols and controlling the airflow.
  • The weight is evenly spread out, so it becomes a light machine in our hands.
  • Branded product, and comes with a great reputation
  • Warranty for two years
  • Compact piece
  • The packing is excellent so that there is no damage while transporting it.


  • Electrical cord too lengthy.

Verdict: An excellent product for people who are concerned about how their hair looks. The price is competitive, and Dyson has experience in this area.

MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875w Hair Dryer

The MHU 1875 W hairdryer, is powerful on in its genre. It can be easily compared to an automobile that can travel at high speeds but still can brake and swerve to take a turn at the corner of the street without much ado. The motor in MHU professional hairdryer is similar to that of the automobile. Although the engine is powerful, it hardly makes noise and even lesser vibration, as you hold it in your hands. Here are the salient features of the powerful Hairdryer.

  • There is a diffuser which comes along with the package, and that should suit curly hair people.
  • It has two speeds only, but three heat buttons which allow you to control not only the heat but the airflow too.
  • It contains the technology of Far infrared heat. This is aptly combined with yet another technique which is negative Ion. This helps in drying the hair quickly, and the infrared allows diffusion into the core, where the cuticle is. This is quite a unique approach compared to that of the other dryers which do the surface of the hair only.
  • The electrical cord is lengthy on at 9 feet.
  • The powerful motor halves the time of drying or cooling your hair.
  • This device is a good conductor of heat.
  • The filter can be removed so that the cleaning is made more accessible, and durability is ensured.


  • Motor most powerful
  • Great for tough hair
  • Comes with accessories


  • Quite heavy
  • It is not easy to pack in

Verdict: Despite having the most powerful motor, the features are slightly less. Otherwise, it is the right product.

BaBylissPro Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

One will experience frustration and tiredness If the Hairdryer does not dry hair quickly. This is not an issue with the Babylisspro Xtreme dryer. Here are the salient features of this product:

  • The powerful motor of 2000 W, dries your hair quickly.
  • It has six functions of each. Both Heat and speed settings.
  • It is exceptionally gentle on your hair.
  • For such wattage, the Xtreme dryer does not make much noise at all.
  • The ‘cold’ feature exists in this.
  • The external cord is 9 foot long.
  • The nozzle is available.
  • Infusion of Porcelain ceramic technology, as described before.


  • A powerful motor at 2000 W
  • Noiseless performance
  • Lengthy Cord
  • Porcelain Ceramic Technology


  • Extra Heavy Compared To Other Dryers
  • Not Too Compact

The Verdict: As described above, this is a good purchase with thick and curly hair.

Remington AC2015 T Ceramic Hair Dryer

The other word for innovation is Remington. Apart from all the other lines they are famous for, hairdryers also were no exception. The product is developed with the advice od the salon owners, and hairstylists. Here are the top features of the Remington AC29015.

  • Backs a powerful motor at 1875W.
  • Almost up to 40 % faster-drying power comparatively.
  • A professional dryer as designed under their advice.
  • Porcelain-ceramic design and infusion of heat.
  • The end result is silky smooth hair, due to micro –conditioners.
  • Diffusers technology is available.
  • Thanks to the Ceramic mould, the heat factor would be controlled.
  • There is a concentrator available with the package. This would suit people with straight hair.
  • Ionic Generator is available.


  • Rapid Dryer
  • Very Powerful Dryer
  • Professionally Designed
  • Comes With All The Technology


  • Definitely Heavy

The Verdict: This is the most professional hair dryer capable of being handled at home.

Conair 1875 Watt Full-Size Pro Hair Dryer With Ionic Conditioning

There is nothing ‘Con’ about this Conair Pro Hairdryer. It has a powerful motor and many impressive features. Let us look at these salient features.

  • It has an 1875 W motor, which enables quick hair drying.
  • It is designed along professional lines.
  • It does not damage the hair at all.
  • It has Ionic technology.
  • It has the nozzle and concentrator for pinpoint styling
  • Ceramic technology used and prevents the device from overheating.
  • There are three settings for heat and two settings for speed.
  • Cool shot button available.
  • The cord is only five foot long.
  • It comes with a beautiful and comfortable handle.
  • Tourmaline is there to spread uniform heat.


  • 40% Decrease In Drying Time
  • Powerful Motor
  • Comes With All Technical Specification
  • Professionally Developed
  • Best Handle Part


  • Cord Is 5 Feet Length

Bottom Line : The Conair is best suited for people with thick and curly hair. It is a professionally developed product and has all the technologies that a hairdryer should possess.

The Professional way of using a Best Hair Dryers For Men

One should know how to use a hairdryer to get the best out of it. To understand how, please follow the following tips.

  1. Hair should only be damp and not totally wet. Use your towel to reduce the wetness, and then apply the dryer.
  2. Never keep the heat button consistently on for more than a minute. It would damage your hair.
  3. Concentrate on parts that require dryness first.
  4. Use a diffuser without fail.
  5. Split your hair neatly and focus the nuzzle under your hair
  6. Always try to tilt your head and focus the dryer 7. Ideal comb or brush needs to use.

Conclusion: From the above it is clear , that the top rated 5 Hair Dryer Products have very little differences between them . The other point is, on should know how to use a hair dryer and effectively.

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