The hairdryer works for style and dries your hair to make them look good and gorgeous. A hairdryer is an electronic machine that blows the hot air to style and dry your hair instantly. The hot air evaporates the water and helps your hair to look unique. Here’s a list of the best hair dryer For Men that choose them wisely as per your needs.


It probably looks like you’re looking for a hairdryer. The hairdryer plays a crucial role in today’s era. I don’t think if there’s a person who doesn’t like their hair. It’s an important part of the appearance. Many of the people wash their hair, towel dries them, and just apply the styling products like gel, serums, etc. It’s a good method but to make your style last long you need some tools for better styling. Hairdryer makes your hair look worthy and stylish. 

The hairdryer comes with so many features like speed settings, temperature settings, cold shot button, long cord, the convenience of storing, etc. There are plenty of options out there to choose from. The hairdryer which carries perfect wattage, technology, ease of control, etc. is meant to be perfect for your hair.

An idol hairdryer should take good care of your hair as well as it is for sake of your hair. The below-mentioned hairdryer has been chosen to make your work efficient and effective.

If you’re looking for a perfect hair dryer for your hair, you don’t have to worry about it because we are here to solve all your problems related to choosing the perfect hair dryer. We’ve shortlisted some best brands of a hairdryer on which you can count on. There will be no query left because we will be mentioning all the hairdryer along with their pros and cons. Look for an appropriate one

Philips HP8100/46 hairdryer (purple)

Best Hair Dryer For Men

Philips hairdryer is easy to handle with a lightweight body. It is an advanced concentrator technology with a quick heat head. The hairdryer is with a cord which is 1.5 meters power cord and a hanging loop. It has thermo protect temperature settings.

The hairdryer is very easy to store with a hook. The hot air hairdryer comes with 2 flexible heat settings to dry your hair carefully. The hairdryer is 1000 Watts with 2 years of warranty gives my Philips India from the date of purchase.

The hairdryer contains two settings for drying speed (low and high), the motor speed is regulated to cater to these settings perfectly. There will not be an issue with fan speed at low and high settings. It sets your hair dry in just a few seconds. You will get the best results in a caring way.


  • It contains a feature of low and high speed for convenience.
  • The Philips hairdryer dries your hair more than 80%
  • It is convenient to store with a hook. 
  • It comes with advanced concentrate technology with a heating head.
  • 2 years of warranty is being provided by Philips India.


  • Some customers claimed that the product makes the vacuum noises.
  • Sometimes, it smells like burning.

Havells HD3151 1600 watts foldable hairdryer, 3 heat (hot/cool/warm) settings with the cool shot button (turquoise)

9+ Best Hair Dryer For Men In India 2020 3

Havells hairdryer provides gentle drying with 1200 watts, it gently directs the airflow in the specific sections and gives better control while styling your hair. The hairdryer gives 3 temperature settings such as hot, warm, and cool. The concentrator is fixed with the nozzle. The havells hairdryer provides double protection against overheating.

The honeycomb inlet is specifically designed to avoiding the tangling of the hair. It sets the speed in 2 ways high and low. The cool air shot of low temperature is used to set the style at theⁿ end of the drying session for long-lasting results. 


  • The hairdryer protects from the overheating.
  • It has better control while styling hair.
  • It provides the gentle airflow
  • It give 3 temperature mode facility.
  • It is specifically designed to avoid tangling of hair.


  • It produces smoke.
  • The coil produces a fire color.

Chaoba 2000 watts professional hairdryer (black)

9+ Best Hair Dryer For Men In India 2020 5

Chaoba’s professional hairdryer is an artistic ergonomic design and professional heating unit. It carries patented heat shielding technology, the nozzle will remain cold even after long usage. It contains 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings respectively. The length of the cord is 2 meters.

Using the technologies it has ionic conditioning and detachable back filter. The hairdryer has a special rubber cable protector and durable cable. It has a cool shot button to get cool air while using hot air. The product suggests to toggle the button, change between hot and cold.


  • Keeps the nozzle body cold even after long usage.
  • It contains 3 temperature settings and 2-speed settings.
  • It has a cool shot button to switch to cool air while using hot.
  • It has a detachable back filter.
  • The 2-meter long cord is attached.


  • No warranty has been provided.
  • Sometimes, it produces a burning smell.

Nova NHP 8100 silky shine 1200 watts hot and cold foldable hairdryer (black)

9+ Best Hair Dryer For Men In India 2020 7

Nova hairdryer is 1200 watts gentle drying. It consists of hot and cold features and there are 2 hot temperature settings for careful drying. It protects from overheating with ionic conditioning. It has a 1.8-meter long cord. It is compactly designed for ease of handling.

It comes with 1 year of warranty. It is recommended not to use the product for more than 5 minutes. It is suggesting by the seller that, if the appliance is overheated then plug it out and let it be cool. Clean the behind screen on regular basis with a brush.


  • Overheating protection.
  • Compact design for easy handling
  • It contains the hot and cold feature.
  • Comes with 1 year of warranty.
  • It has a foldable handle.


  • Some consumers reported that it doesn’t contain a cool air feature.
  • The quality of the heating element is poor.

Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B 1000 watts hairdryer with turbo dry mode (blue)

9+ Best Hair Dryer For Men In India 2020 9

 Panasonic hair dryer’s cord is 1.8 meter and has a concentrator attachment type with no cold hair feature. It has uniform blow technology. There 2-speed selection. It is compactly designed which makes it easy to handle and carry. There is a 24 months warranty provided by the seller.

It has a ravishing look and gives your hair a soft and glossy finish to your hair, and the right conditioning for shine and frizz-free hair. It has a turbo dry feature that emits powerful and gentle wind to set your tresses. It gives you salon-like styling at home.


  • Provides you the salon-like styling.
  • There are 2-speed settings.
  • Gives you frizz-free and shiny finishing.
  • It comes with 2 years of warranty.
  • It has uniform blow technology.


  • No complaints have been registered by the customers.

Vega blooming air 1000 hairdryer (VHDH-05), color may vary

9+ Best Hair Dryer For Men In India 2020 11

Vega blooming hairdryer is a quick hair dryer with 1000 watts. It has 1 heat and 1 cool setting respectively. The length of the cord is 1.6 meters and it is durable. The hairdryer has a safety automatic cut out. It is convenient to operate and has a foldable handle. It has 2 years of manufacturer warranty.

The hairdryer is a fabulous hair grooming accessory that packs in a punch with its professional functionality and smart working feature. It gives bounce and shiny strands of hair. It is extremely lightweight owing to smart design and has a very ergonomic design. 


  • Light in weight.
  • It gives your hair bounce and shine.
  • It has a foldable handle.
  • It has some smart features.
  • It has 1 heat and 1 cool setting respectively.


  • The speed of the fan is low.
  • The nozzle might melt due to heat.

Syska HD 1600 trendsetter hairdryer (Teal)

9+ Best Hair Dryer For Men In India 2020 13

Syska hairdryer is a lightweight compact design to use and carry conveniently. It comes with the wave heating element for instant heating up and fast drying. Gentle dry is recommended for everyday styling. It balances the heat and protects from overheating and the concentrator maintains the moisture of the hair.

It comes with 2 years of warranty. The inbuilt concentrator is for the desired hairdo with 2-speed settings. It has a 1.8-meter long cord. It maintains the constant caring temperature to maintain the moisture level for shiny and healthy-looking hair. It has comfortable storage.


  • Takes care of your hair.
  • Maintains the constant caring temperature.
  • Easy to handle and use.
  • It provides 2 different temperature settings.
  • It contains heat balance technology.


  • It might blow the air slowly.

Agaro HD-1214 premium hairdryer with 1400 watt motor, 3 temperature settings, and cool shot button(black)

9+ Best Hair Dryer For Men In India 2020 15

Agaro hairdryer creates an optimum level of airflow for gentle drying and beautiful results. It includes a Concentrator nozzle to focus airflow for precise styling and touch-ups. It has 2 speed and 3 temperature settings respectively for convenient styling. It includes a cool shot button that provides a burst of cold air to help set the desired hairstyle.

It has an auto shut-off for overheating protection. The honeycomb air inlet is for better airflow. It is lightweight, compact, and stylist with a foldable handle to make it travel friendly. It includes the hanging loop to make it easy to store. It has a 1.8-meter extra-long cord. It comes with the 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Styles your hair beautifully.
  • It has 2 speed and 3 temperature settings.
  • It is light in weight and easy to use with a foldable handle.
  • Auto shut-off for the overheating.
  • It includes a hanging loop.


  • No complaints have been received about the product yet.

Wahl 5439-024 super dry professional styling hairdryer, black

9+ Best Hair Dryer For Men In India 2020 17

Wahl hair dryer is used for instant drying your hair without losing its shine. It has three variable heat settings and 2-speed settings for optimum use. It has a professional AC collector motor with the latest tourmaline technology. The Wahl hair dryer has the useful cold shot button feature that prevents heat- included damage to your hair. It has a worldwide voltage of 200 watts.


  • Styles your hair instantly without losing its shine.
  • It has the latest tourmaline technology.
  • It has a cold shot button to prevent your hair from any kind of damage.
  • It contains an AC collector motor.


  • It is not foldable.
  • It remains at the same temperature.

 Techicon NV-1290 professional foldable hairdryer 1000W for women (multicolor)

9+ Best Hair Dryer For Men In India 2020 19

The hairdryer has been designed to give efficient drying and also ensures complete protection. It consists of the narrow concentrator that keeps the flow of the hot air focused on the specific areas on your head. The hairdryer comes with 1000 watts of powerful airflow which helps in producing the optimum level of hair.

The high airflow accelerates in the evaporation of water and the moisture content from your hair. The high power provides gentle but efficient drying and makes them healthy and strong. The Paramount feature, the air in this highly efficient hairdryer comes out through an opening. It helps in finishing a particular style or doing the touch-up. It saves electricity as much as can.


  • Provides gentle care to your hair.
  • Saves electricity.
  • Evaporates water and other moisture content from your hair.
  • Efficiently dry the hair.
  • It has a narrow concentrator.


  • Quality of the body is very cheap.
  • It becomes hot while using.

FAQ – Best Hair Dryer For Men

Is hairdryer good for men?

The hairdryer is very good for men when it comes to style their hair. The men generally wash their hair, towel dries them, and then apply the styling products to set them up. The hairdryer helps them to fix their hair for at least 14 to 15 hours. When it comes to men’s hair then they are very conscious and picky about their styling. Men’s hair is the most important part of their appearance and personality. The hairdryer should take care of every strand of your hair.

Which hairdryer should professional use?

The hairdryer which is being used for instant drying and even without losing its shine is considered best for the so The hairdryer should be easy to handle as the professionals are picky about them. It should have a narrow nozzle to make them set and free from any kind of a mess and tangling. The hairdryer should be speedy and optimum to use. It should have the best technology. The hair dryer should have a cold shot button to prevent the hair from any kind of damages. The hairdryer should provide a gentle dry to your hair. The heat should not be hard on the hair as they are delicate.

Which hairdryer is least damaging?

The hairdryers are almost more or less damaging to your hair but if make a good choice while choosing the best one then you should consider the hairdryer which contains the speed and temperature settings because it’s the most important feature as temperature plays a crucial role while drying your hair. The hot air can damage your hair and delicate your shafts but warm air can make your hair look shiny and healthy. The technology of hairdryer should be your priority as in the era, technology plays an important role. Choose the one which is friendly to your hair.

Which hairdryer is good to buy?

When you buy a hairdryer, you should look for the technology, temperature, and many more features about the hairdryer. The hairdryer should have cool air technology to set your hair as needed. The hairdryer must have speed and temperature settings to set the same accordingly. The very high temperature can harm your hair in certain ways which will make your hair look dull and unhealthy. The hairdryer should be friendly and have a cool shot button for the specific areas of your hair. You should be very particular while choosing the perfect hair dryer for your hair to make them look good.

Are expensive hairdryers worth it?

Maybe or maybe not, it’s all depends on the quality and the care you do to the hairdryer. The perfect hairdryer should take care of hair gently without ruining its shine and healthy look. You should be very particular about technology and concentrator while choosing a good hairdryer because it plays a most important role. The hairdryer must carry a cold shot button and good speed and temperature setting. The average amount of heat should be provided to the hair because the excessive amount of heat can ruin the quality, texture, and shine of your hair. Choose your hairdryer wisely.

Is a 2000 wattage hairdryer good?

The hairdryers above 2000 watts are best to use. They should be cooperative with electricity bills. The stylists recommended that the dryers of 2000 watts are best and gives the speediest result. The wattage simply refers to energy consumption. A hairdryer with more wattage is risky and they could fry your hair to a crisp but on the other hand, the hairdryer with low wattage is more efficient to use and takes less energy. A hairdryer above 2500 watts is not recommended for hair as they can harm or damage your hair if too much heat is applied. The hairdryers of 2000 watts might consume more electricity.


The above-mentioned products are the best hair dryers for men. The hairdryers work as most wanted appliances because it helps you to dry and uniquely style your hair. The hairdryers are supposed to be effective and efficient both. They should be easy to handle and use. The hairdryer should work more quickly as everyone is rushing in their life. A good hairdryer must-have speed settings, temperature settings, good technology, foldable handle, good and narrow concentrator, etc. When it comes to your hair you should be very conscious about picking up the tools for them.